sub par fishing


IMG_5980After 5 minutes of fishing with a coke tab and a piece of string we gaze sadly at our measly catch.



























Just kidding there was a fishing tournament and that was the winning boats catch.


Hi this is Shad. me and Eric have been having fun with the pole spear. we went spearing around a wreck and Eric speared a huge 3-4 foot amber-jack while he was wrestling with it, he ran out of air so he let go of the spear. the amber-jack somehow managed to wiggle the spear out. 5 minutes later I saw that same amber-jack get bitten by a shark which we were pretty sure was a reef shark. the ladies were snorkeling at that time as well so when they saw the shark they, naturally trashed around a lot and piled into the dingy. I thought it was pretty fun listening to Eric trying to use the “come over here” method with someone screaming in the background. we did not get any fish on this trip because they were all to big. We hope to try again today. having lots of fun not being in a cold front!!



So sorry we have not been making many posts. we have been trying to figure out how to make OUR posts go to OUR pages and I think We’ve got it figured out.

for the past week I have been at a gated community. it is like Disney land for retired people. you cant get in unless you know someone and they booked you or you live there.

there is a pool here and we have been using it almost every day for around 2 hours. on Thursday ( I think.) we went to the beach, the water was a bit cool by our standards so of course we were the only ones swimming.  Rachel got attacked by sea gulls and the stole a mandarin she had. one landed on her hand and took the orange in its talons/feet/flippers/grabbers/whatever it is. I found some butterfly shell’sTellin Shells and made them into a broth. it was really really good. I have not posted enough so I will try to blog more.