So sorry we have not been making many posts. we have been trying to figure out how to make OUR posts go to OUR pages and I think We’ve got it figured out.

for the past week I have been at a gated community. it is like Disney land for retired people. you cant get in unless you know someone and they booked you or you live there.

there is a pool here and we have been using it almost every day for around 2 hours. on Thursday ( I think.) we went to the beach, the water was a bit cool by our standards so of course we were the only ones swimming.  Rachel got attacked by sea gulls and the stole a mandarin she had. one landed on her hand and took the orange in its talons/feet/flippers/grabbers/whatever it is. I found some butterfly shell’sTellin Shells and made them into a broth. it was really really good. I have not posted enough so I will try to blog more.

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