Rachel’s Last Post

We are back in Florida now (middle of April), but there are some things that happened in the Bahamas that nobody else has talked about in their blog posts yet.

We went to islands (Alan Cay and Leaf Cary) that had giant iguanas on them. Some of them were 3 feet long! They are orange, yellow, green and some red and they are scary! They are scary because tourists go and buy iguana kibble and feed it to them. Then they get very, very aggressive.  They run up to you…they get a little too close and then get closer and closer. A group of people we met had a bunch of bananas on the ground and the big aggressive iguana took a good clean chunk out of one with one bite. When we were first seeing the iguanas, a small Bananaquit, which is a kind of bird, hopped up very close to us on the ground, jumped onto Shadrach’s shoe and then from there jumped onto my hand! It was really cute and light. Later, when we went to Exuma Land and Sea Park, another one landed on my hand!

Sunbathing Bahamian Iguanas

Sunbathing Bahamian Iguanas

 Bananaquits love Rachel!

Bananaquits love Rachel!

When we were on the island with iguanas, we met a group of people and we had two campfires with them. We had marshmallows, popcorn, hobo dinners, fish, potatoes, noodles and rice mixed together.

After we left the iguana island, we went to the swimming pigs!!! They were running free on a white, sandy beach. When we got there I needed to get to shore right away because I’d been waiting the whole trip to see those little guys. But some of them weren’t so little. There were some piglets (hoglets!) that weren’t even a foot tall and some pigs that were three and half feet tall! There were three huge ones. We named the biggest one Big Mama. She was mean and nasty. She almost attacked Daddy and she bit Shad’s shirt. The first day there were only seven or eight pigs, but on the second day, more came. A nice big pink one and three little baby piglets. And then we found this other very small piglet. We don’t think he had a mama because he was wandering around all by himself – we named him Snuffles (Snuffles was actually a she). Two more medium pink pigs came and they liked to sleep all in a row with another pink pig. We called them The Three Little Pigs.IMG_6276 IMG_6251 IMG_6249 IMG_6244

Near the swimming pigs island there was a big natural hole inside a small island. It was called The Grotto (Thunderball Grotto as seen on the James Bond movie). You could snorkel inside it and see lots and lots of fishes. There were also little side caves you could swim into. It was very cool! The end

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