Turn it around

Anchored at the bottom of the Exumas off of Leaf Cay, about to turn our boat around and point our bow towards Winnipeg, I’m feeling quite a bit of internal struggle. I didn’t mean to experience this. We have full tanks of water and diesel and are stocked up with food from Georgetown, there are so many more islands (the Raggeds are so close and then Cuba, Haiti/DR and follow the path all the way to Grenada) to explore. It seems like it’s all within reach and yet we turn around. Although we’ve never had a destination and are enjoying the journey (and it’s not over yet), it feels strange to turn around. It would seem more natural to just keep going. Perhaps I’m emboldened by the fact that we will not sail further that I can think so flippantly about these passages. But the truth is this does seem very doable. I suppose I’m planning our retirement already!  Rachel has been enjoying swinging around in the rigging with the bosuns chair and took a few photos from aloft today. 

One thought on “Turn it around

  1. Thanks for the thoughts. We are certainly looking forward to seeing you all again this summer.


    P.S. Who exactly wrote this post? Sounds like Steph but could be Trav in a sentimental mood. Or Shad taking dictation from Steph. Or Rachel thinking at last about retirement.


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